Custom Rifles and Machining Services
The perfect shot starts with the precision within.
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  • Muzzle Break Installation
    A muzzle break reduces recoil for efficient muzzle control
  • Custom Barrel Contouring
    Thread fit and chamber to sammy specs, including octagon, fluting half round, and half octagon.  For heat transfer, weight change, more stiffness, and that one-of-a-kind look.
  • Custom Wood and Synthetic Stocks
    Stocks custom fit to the individual and the rifle for a perfect fit and a look capable of becoming a family heirloom.
  • Custom Made Parts and Accessories
  • Blueprinting and action by facing, rethreading, reaming and lapping lugs.

RGS, LLC welcomes individuals and gun dealers alike. Please note that all federal firearms rules and regulations will apply, as well as any state requirements. Transfers are welcome with a current copy of the federal firearms license and the name and phone number of whom it will be transferred to. A 4473 Form and NICS background check will be required on all firearms purchased or transferred. Please contact Robert with questions or to learn more about his custom rifle creations.