Custom Rifles and Machining About RGS, LLC
The perfect shot starts with the precision within.
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Robert Stone has been a master industrial machinist in Casper, Wyoming for 33 years. He spent 13 years under the tutelage of master gunsmith Dale A. Storey of DGS Inc. By combining the best of both worlds RGS, LLC provides hunters and shooters with first-class dependable and accurate rifles.

Robert likes to refer to the rifles and guns he creates as “functional art.” In addition to the beauty he infuses into each design, his firearms are known for their accuracy with a multitude of cartridge chambering for all big game. He crafts each rifle with fine materials and graceful lines to make a one-of-a-kind companion for the outdoorsman who appreciates quality and dependability.

Prospective clients are welcome to take a tour of his 2,400 sq. ft. shop. Aside from giving the client an opportunity to see some of the artistic pieces he has created, it allows Robert to get to know the client and fully understand his or her needs. For example, where the client hunts may determine whether a rugged gun or a wood gun is the best choice. Similarly, if the client plans to travel the world to hunt, the gun can be designed for ammo common to other countries. Or perhaps the client is merely wanting an heirloom piece to be handed down through the generations. Knowing this information allows Robert to design the best rifle possible for that client.