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People are not all the same; they come in many different sizes and builds. Unfortunately, most off-the-shelf rifles are created for the “average” person, whatever that may mean. This is not always a bad thing, but for the shooter who is truly interested in precision and accuracy, a custom rifle is a much better option.

Rifles can be tailored specifically for an individual in stock style and dimension, type of action, make and contour of the barrel, caliber and sights. Sometimes this means a synthetic stocked working rifle, or it can mean a piece of functional art with a high-grade custom wood stock, decorative metal engraving with gold inlays, and impeccable wood and metal finishes. Either way, custom-designed rifles are created with more attention to the details and careful construction of the firearm, which in turn leads to a rifle that will give many years of faithful service.

RGS, LLC is committed to just this level of artistry and quality gunsmithing. Owner Robert Stone has built his reputation of honesty and integrity by providing his customers with top-quality craftsmanship on every rifle he builds. He uses only the finest materials and absolute precision in how the barrel is threaded, chambered, fitted and crowned.

Take a moment to browse through our Products Catalog and learn more about our services.  Whether you are looking for tactical, long-range, varmint, hunting or heirloom rifles, you’ll appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of our custom-designed rifles that will last you for years to come.

I have been working with Robert and Dale for some time now in getting custom accessories for my existing firearms as well as general upgrades. They have been excellent to work with. I have referred numerous friends their way as well, and the quality work that comes out of this shop, including their experience and knowledge of firearms, is not something you see often. I look forward to continuing a long term business relationship with the staff at RGS.
— Brad Renner